Privacy Policy

We do not share any personal information without prior consent. Any information collected through this website will be used for the purposes of fulfilling orders and communicating with clients via email and or phone.

With regards to the photos that appear in any given gallery in this site, we do our best to respect your privacy in terms of which photos are uploaded and which are not, and which galleries are made public and which are password-protected. For example, for a public event, which will not be password-protected, we do our best to discern which images will be shared in the gallery and which are best not shared. I often ask myself "If this photo was of me, would I be okay with it being in this gallery?"

If a photo has been posted to a public gallery (i.e. no password), and you have an issue, please make contact with RPP as soon as possible to discuss.

For a private event, such as a family session, or a one-on-one session, your gallery will be made private by default (i.e. password-protected).